It is very difficult to decide to open a company in a complex country like Brazil. One of the main dilemmas is to understand which businesses are profitable, the market for many businesses is robust so investing in a promising business is the desire of many entrepreneurs.

Currently we have identified the six profitable industries in brazil.

Healthy food and drink

This sector is one of the most promising in the country. Brazilians are increasingly focusing on the quality of life.

For this reason, entrepreneurs can think of investing in the healthy food sector, from catering sector to the supply of prepared foods, and even from the production of baked goods and sweets to the organic vegetable trade.

Due to this, the healthy food market has gained a lot of space in recent years and promises to continue its upward trend.

Smart cities

Six smart cities are under construction in Brazil, two of which are already in operation.

Profitable industries in Brazil is certainly related to renewable energy and automation applied to the real estate sector, both for new buildings and for the renovation of existing properties.

Health and wellness

Investing in health is another profitable activity to consider. Considering the following trends:

  • the dynamics of Home Care;
  • management of supplementary health plans;
  • at home treatment / diagnostic services
  • at home physiotherapy;
  • outpatient medical activities;
  • home care for the elderly;
  • the veterinary service (PET health).

Finally, the pharmaceutical sector in Brazil is growing rapidly.

Online education

This branch covers from primary schools to training and specialization schools for professionals. Given the distances of the Brazilian territory, there are excellent opportunities for those who want to undertake this activity.


The 2029 energy expansion plan indicates the prospects for expansion of the energy sector in the next 10 years.

Investments in infrastructure until 2029 would amount to around 600 billion euros.

It is expected that 77.4% will be absorbed by the oil and gas sector, 19.6% will be destined for the electricity generation and transmission area, while the remaining 3% will concern the increase in the supply of biofuels.

Automation and digital security

The topic has been the subject of intense discussions, since the implementation of the GDPR (general data protection regulation) in 2019.

The need to document every activity, transparency for users and professionals or entire teams dedicated to data security has accelerated the expansion of this market.

Today the services and tools that feed the segment are created at full speed, while at the same time opening the door to new opportunities in the coming years.

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