We have already spoken other times through some posts on our blog about foreign investments in Brazil. In this article, we will show how  GM Venture can help you open a business in Brazil or assist your company that already is here.

First of all, a programme of commercial in Brazil aimed at creating opportunities cannot be limited to mere promotion or participation in trade fairs or entrepreneurial missions that are exhausted in themselves, in an individualistic logic disconnected from the Brazilian context. Investing or opening a business in Brazil, however tempting it may be, can prove to be a rather arduous undertaking from a bureaucratic point of view, especially if you don’t have a good knowledge of the country.    Our advice is to rely on qualified partners, who know the Brazilian territory, the mentality of the people, the technology, the business model, the market, the financial and legal aspects. Even a company that is already ready and operating in Brazil can run into inconveniences if not assisted by qualified professionals they make their skills and experience available to companies in a team win/win logic and qualified network, this is the recipe for overcoming Brazilian complexity.

Due to the constant changes in the market, foreign investors who are setting up a company in Brazil can run into many challenges and difficulties. GM Venture is a local expert and the ideal partner for both those looking to open a business in Brazil and those who already have a business in the territory but are looking for one supporter to improve the administration within intern the subsidiaries.

GM Venture is a consulting and management company that has been operating in the Brazilian market for 14 years, during this time it has supported several foreign companies, such as Olympia,  Temsi,  Brunello Cucinelli,  Pandora Green,  Illy, Venchi. These companies have administrative tasks covered entirely by our team.

Our team is highly qualified to assist foreign investors in developing, managing and controlling activities in Brazil.

We are specialists in foreign investments in Brasile and act as interim manager, taking care of all aspects of finance, administrative, accounting to the activities of CFO tertiary and or general management.

We also have a network of qualified partners that can provide full strategic and operational assistance to our customers.

To learn more about our services or if you would like to talk to us about your project,  please contact us.