Why invest in Brazil: five reasons you can’t ignore

Jul 10, 2020

Brazil is a country that has always been of great interest to Italy. Given the historical and culinary link that consolidated over time. Also, thanks to the Italian emigration in the 19th century and the Second World War.

Many Italian companies invest in Brazil and look at market opportunities with a medium-term vision. The consequence of all this is the formation and development of Italian entrepreneurial fabric in Brazil. Because investing in Brazil has always been a fixed thought for the Italian entrepreneur.

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The data of recent years clearly show that Italian companies believe in Brazil. Despite the severe economic crisis that hit the country in 2015-2016, the number of Italian companies that decided to open a subsidiary in Brazil has increased by more than 20%. Today it’s about a thousand.

According to data recently published by the Brazilian Ministry of Economy, in 2018 Italy became the investor among the countries that signed a memorandum of understanding on the facilitation of investments (United States, China, Japan, France).

On the qualitative level, Italian companies have figured out how to invest money in Brazil and have now taken a leading role in the market in strategic sectors for the Brazilian economy such as energy, telecommunications, steel, highway and automotive production

Why invest in Brazil? Here are the five good reasons you can’t ignore!

  1. He is a leader in The Mercosur (South American Market). Brazil is a global power, ranked among the top 10 economies in the world and is the largest in Latin America.
  2. It is a global destination for investment. It is a country open to foreign direct investment and continues to attract international and innovative companies, thanks to profitable opportunities supported by regulations of protection to corporate ownership.
  3. It is a market of over 200 million inhabitants. Brazil has now become the eighth largest economy in the world, offering countless opportunities for businesses, many of which are still unexplored. It is the largest domestic consumer market in the world, with strong domestic demand for services, goods and agricultural products. perché investire in brasile 2
  4. It has a diversified economy that is not based on a limited number of sectors, but rather on a wide range of economic sectors. The industrial sector is very competitive throughout Latin America that boasts among the largest aerospace, automotive, oil, petrochemical, mining, chemical and capital goods industries, medical equipment, and finally technology.
  5. It recently concluded negotiations for an EU-Mercosur free trade agreement that opens up further favourable prospects and an increase in bilateral trade and investment flows. There is, therefore, a strong desire to attract foreign investment and Italy has seen an ideal business partner thanks to the strong historical and cultural ties and the skills of companies.


These are just five reasons you can’t ignore when you are asking why to invest in Brazil. If you have decided to address this investment, remember to have the support of a qualified partner who can help you on how to invest money in Brazil and make your investments successful.

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