The history of the Italian Embassy in Brasilia and its role over the years

May 12, 2020

In 1958, the Brazilian government donated plots of land to all Allied countries. Work on the construction of the new headquarters of the Italian Embassy began in late 1966 when Itamaraty (Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia. The construction of the Italian Embassy in Brasilia is based on a project by the world’s most famous Italian architect of that era, Pier Luigi Nervi. Project completed in January 1977, it had an official inauguration on June 2, 1977, on the Republic Day.

Based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 18 April 1961, the Italian Embassy in Brasilia has contributed excellence in its activities to represent the nation in the Federation Republic of Brazil. To protect the interests of Italy, the Embassy has helped to negotiate with the government of Brazil. To investigate by any legal means, the conditions and the evolution of events in the territory. Those actions promoted friendly activities between Italy and Brazil.

The Commercial Office of the Italian Embassy in Brasilia coordinates activities of economic promotion in the territory, aiming to increase trade, investment flows and technological cooperation between Brazil and Italy. The promotion strategy implemented thanks to continuous coordination with Italian actors active in Brazil and with Italian companies.

The links between Brazil and Italy today exist and are well-established thanks to the millions of inhabitants of Italian origin who emigrated in the 18th and 19th centuries. After all, Brazil is home to one of the largest Italian communities in the world, more than 500 thousand Italians live here.

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Italy was represented in Brazil by great characters. Below is a list of names that have held the position of Italian Ambassador over the years.

1971- 1973 Ludovico Barattieri Di San Pietro

1973-1976 Carlo Enrico Giglioli

1976-1979 Maurizio Bucci

1979-1983 Giuseppe Jacoangeli

1983-1986 Vieri Traxler

1986-1990 Antonio Ciarrapico

1990-1994 Paul Tarony

1994-1997 Oliviero Rossi

1997-2000 Michelangelo Jacobucci

2000-2004 Vincenzo Petrone

2004-2009 Michele Valensise

2009-2012 Gherardo La Francesca

2013-2016 Raffaele Trumpet

2016-2019 Antonio Bernardini

The current Italian Ambassador to Brazil is Mr Francesco Azzarello, born in Palermo, graduated in Economics and Commerce from Luiss University in Rome in 1981.

He began his diplomatic career in 1986, passing through the embassies of Tehran, Adelaide and Tirana holding various positions. Also, he represented Italy at the United Nations in New York, held the position of Head of the Special Secretary of the Undersecretary of State for Europe and in other positions for Italy. He was Italy’s ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. From 7 January 2020 he is the Italian Ambassador to Brazil with secondary accreditation in Suriname.

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