The companies in Brazil that you should take inspiration for your investment

Jul 15, 2020

The investment and settlement opportunities for companies in Brazil and Italian companies aiming abroad are manifold and in continuous development.

The opportunities for Italian SMEs in Brazil are many, thanks to the historical and cultural affinities that bind this country and Italy forever. The sectors where to invest in Brazil and which provide more business opportunities for companies are:

  • the energy sector, the renewable energy sector first and the first of all;
  • the automotive industry;
  • infrastructure and transport;
  • pharmaceuticals and medical devices;
  • the lot and digital security sectors.


Continue reading the article to learn about all the business success stories in Brazil that may be inspiring to your business.

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There are many examples of successful Italian companies in Brazil, such as Enel: the largest electricity company in Italy and the fifth in the world. Enel has become the main energy distributor in Brazil, playing a leading role in the development of renewable energy sources in the country. After the acquisition of Eletropaulo in June 2018, today the giant Enel owns 122 companies distributed throughout Brazil and serves more than 17 million users.

Another successful business in Brazil is Fiat. Fiat  Chrysler Automobiles  (FCA) has been considered the seventh-largest automaker in the world. It is the leader in sales in the Brazilian automotive of the light commercial vehicle market in Brazil since 1976. Fiat has won the hearts of many people. And many Brazilians with car models that have made history, such as the 500.

Not only have these large companies just mentioned and still have been successful in Brazil, but small and medium-sized enterprises may also have them. Here are three of our customers who have figured out where to invest in Brazil and succeed.

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  • Lynx: present in Brazil since 2016, it is a systems integrator with a turnover of about 30 million euros. Lynx Group is an international it consulting company. The consolidated experience in technology and business, combined with the use of proven management methodologies, serves as a strategic partner for the realization of innovative projects with specific solutions and know-how.
  •  Temsi: currently has a turnover of 10 million. After managing Esselunga logistics in Italy, he began to provide similar services to large retailers in Brazil. The company has been present in Brazil since 2014, providing project advice to its clients, taking responsibility for supporting or even replacing management in the rationalization paths necessary for the survival and consolidation of many companies.
  • Olimpia Splendid: has a turnover of 80 million euros. Its portable air conditioners have conquered the middle class of the Latin American giant. Founded in 1956 and Brazil since 2017, Olimpia Splendid is a world leader in air conditioning, heating, air treatment and hydronic systems, providing unique and innovative products.


Brazil is a market of over 200 million inhabitants, it is the eighth largest economy in the world to offer countless opportunities, many of which are still unexplored. The Brazilian government has a strong desire to attract investment, and Italy is identified as an ideal business partner, thanks to its strong historical and cultural ties.

Finally, the recent conclusion of the negotiations for an EU-Mercosur free trade agreement opens up further prospects for an increase in bilateral trade and investment flows.

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