Doing business in Brazil: GM Venture buys out a strategic stake in Premium

May 11, 2018

After a ten-year partnership with Premium, GM Venture acquires a strategic part of the famous accounting company. This is great news for those who want to do business in Brazil, as they will be able to collaborate with a partner focused on full services in Brazil, such as GM Venture.

If you want to invest in Brazil, GM Venture can be the right partner for the success of your business. Find out three simple steps to open a company in Brazil.


The acquisition marks an important milestone for the business and is consistent with GM Venture long-term strategy of integrating value-added services for its client base, allowing the reformulation of administrative processes in a more efficient manner.

“We will continue to work with the other two historical accounting partners to maintain a diversified portfolio of partnerships as we have customers of all sizes and nationalities, but the acquisition of a stake in Premium will give us the possibility of a more effective and optimized transfer of know-how to guarantee (something that is already happening) the rapid processing of financial statements and reports directly in Italian through a more integrated interface with GM Venture processes “. Graziano Messana – Managing Partner GM Venture.

“We have been working with GM Venture for over 10 years and this operation represents a further strengthening of our partnership and our offer since we have specialized in all different kind of foreign companies but we have developed over the years, on GM Venture behalf, dedicated and unique services to Italian companies with branches present in Brazil “. José Freire de Brito – Founding Partner Premium Ltda.

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