How to do business in brazil? Here’s how! Our tips

Jul 3, 2020

Although the presence of Italian companies now consolidated in the Brazilian territory, the volume of trade in goods, technology and services as well as the flow of investment between Italy and Brazil, is still below the economic potential of the two countries, regardless of the various tariff barriers and not that separate them. There are therefore many companies that, despite having high potential, have not yet managed how to do business in Brazil.

However, a commercial penetration program in Brazil aimed at intercepting such opportunities cannot be limited to mere promotion or participation in trade fairs or entrepreneurial missions that run out in themselves, especially in an individualistic logic disconnected from the Brazilian context.

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All GM Venture’s tips to do business in Brazil

Our advice for those who want to invest money in Brazil answers the following questions:

  • Where can I find the tools to understand which market segment to place my product?
  • What are the channels that allow you to really appreciate the distinctive character of Made in Italy?
  • Where should I recruit reliable agents?
  • How can I effectively promote my products?
  • How can I overcome the well-known (albeit appreciable) Brazilian pride in being able to work serenely with local businesses and bureaucracy? What do I need to do to gain trust?
  • There is no “Brazil”, but there are “Brazilians”: every federal state has very deep peculiarities. So what areas should I focus on my business?
  • Where can I find the most reliable and suitable business, production or distribution partner for my needs? (The significant closure of Italian-Brazilian joint venture, especially start-ups, depends on
  • An incorrect or superficial choice of the commercial partner). The Brazilian mentality is similar to the Italian one, but in many ways, it differs a lot: how can I negotiate with a Brazilian?
  • How does the Brazilian business model work?
  •  Is my contract in harmony with Brazilian law? Are the contractual terms I usually use also applicable in Brazil?
  • What is the European or Brazilian funding to support internationalization in Brazil? How do I access it?
  • How can I solve customs issues? How can I identify the “despachante”, essential customs figure (which will complicate or facilitate my life in import practices depending on the degree of reliability and professionalism)?
  • Am I sure the chosen brand is not already present in Brazil?

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The company that thinks to do business in Brazil could run into serious inconveniences. Our advice to understand how to invest money in Brazil is to find the support of qualified and experienced partners, who in Brazil know its territory, as well as the best mentality, culture and business model. The GM Venture team is ready to assist you, support you in 360 degrees and answer all the questions you need to succeed in Brazil.

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