Financial assistance for Brazilian subsidiaries of Italian companies – Tools for the business crisis

Mar 31, 2020

The partnership between GM Venture and Pantalica indicates a solution for several Italian companies that have branches in the Brazilian territory. This partnership promotes great skills to work with companies that have a corporate crisis in their branches, being able to intervene with an action plan aimed at helping the liquidity needs.

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GM Venture, a company that has been administrating the finance management of the Brazilian subsidiaries since 2006, has signed a partnership with Pantalica, a Brazilian company specializing in business crisis and turn arounds. Interested Italian companies can quickly benefit from an intervention aimed at the efficient use of the tools launched in Brazil and structure an action plan aimed at containing the liquidity needs of Brazilian subsidiaries.

The action plan is based on 4 main points:
1- the establishment of a crisis committee to analyze critical points for the continuity of the operation and report to the parent company of the objectives of the contingency plan;
2- the adoption of measures to reduce staff costs, tax burdens and rationalize non-strategic costs;
3- identify immediately available financial resources (financing, trade discounts, debt renegotiation, club deal);
4- definition of the new scenarios of adjusted cash flows and implementation of the shared plan together with local management.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected] or contact us on Whatsapp at 55 11 95053-7872.

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